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 Image “Little did I know when I became an artist the muse of poetry would also emerge from the depths as the voice of the ‘old man’ would launch me on a personal journey of self`discovery and that the Journey would be recorded in images and words along the way.  

  These Gatherings are a sharing of the highlights of the Journey so recorded.  From the natural world in which we live to the cultural journeys we have made, from our own Christianity and Judaism into Egyptian, Bohemion, Sumarian and Ancient Goddess worship.  

  What influences have brought us here, created what we are?

  This is our story”. 





THE WAYFARER 1974;            Poetic Autobiography; Celestial Arts Publisher, Millbrae, CA

WILDERNESS JOURNEY; 1979; Poetic exploration of the High Sierra; 2-volumn boxed set HD Ed 500, Grant Dahlstrom, The Castle Press, Library of Congress No: 79-66753

PORTRAITS OF NATURE; 2001; The Desert from an artist’s/naturalists view, Natural History; KC Publications, Las Vegas, NV

LONG JOURNEY FROM WIKAME; 2006; The Walapa Story, history/mythology, Stephens Press, Las Vegas, NV

THE GREAT GODDESS AND THE HEROS JOURNEY; 2011; Personal and cultural exploration, Purcell Publications, Green Valley, AZ

L’CHAIM L’OR, THE LONG JOURNEY HOME; 2010; The story of Israel, poetry/history; Purcell Publications, Green Valley, AZ


REMNANTS FROM CONSCIOUSNESS; Mining as  metaphor; Etchings and poetry from the old mining genre.

THE JOURNEY;  Poetic metaphor and etchings.

THE MAN FROM GALILEE; A poetic commentary on the life of Jesus from the first person perspective; with pencil/ink drawings; religious novel.

VOICES FROM THE DUST; The Native Americans Legacy; historical/mythical commentary.

THE NATURE PORTFOLIOS; Ink and watercolor studies of the Southwest;

                Butterflies (leather bound book)

                Flowers of the Southwest Desert





                Dragonflies ink/watercolor with poetry.

                Birds; Songbirds, Raptors, Shorebirds, Owls, Gamebirds, Woodpeckers/allies, Ducks

ARCHTYPES OF THE FEMININE; History/myth, pencil drawings and hand printed text, leather bound, 120 pages.

CULTURAL ARCHETYPES; Pencil drawings and hand printed text in painted box 15”x15”, 115 pages.

JOURNEY TO ZION; The Mormon trek West; Historical; etchings maps and journal in wood box.

JOURNEY TO ANIMA; Love songs; pencil drawings with poetry.

JOURNEY TO THE 12TH HOUSE; The 12 Signs of the Zodiac; etchings with poetry.




Hardbound limited edition; over 200 colorful pages of the flora and fauna of the SW desert.

Roy lives his desert world.  He has hiked to, looked at, and sketched thousands of subjects.  In this volume his text takes you beyond these 260 illustrations he has carefully produced over a seven-year span. As you read his words and admire his art, you will come to seem through his eyes, how unique and special this land can really be. Come, share with Roy, his desert, his world, his life”

KC Publications

“Nature’s art gallery is the living desert.  In this book, we find the elements that make up this scenic vista…

The artwork of Roy Purcell brings to our enjoyment this spectacle of nature, from the birds that soar to the smallest of creatures.  All fit into this grand design we call nature.”


And what is life but a long journey home…the old mesquite trees reveal or reflect the nature of the experience … it is not an easy road but a great adventure in exploration and diversity. We face storms, the sun, the stillness, the freedom and pain and if wise, do not judge them but bless the cold as well as the comfort. This is a life of contrasts, of opposites, and we steer the course by the inner stars … intuition and response that lies in the center of our being.
Roy Purcell



a Series of THE GATHERINGS, featuring the Artwork and Writings of ROY PURCELL, Author/Artist

Saturday morning, March 31st, 10:30 AM ~ Noon

at the Sonoran Center, East Amado, just south of Green Valley, AZ

“This is the desert whose canyons, mountains, and valleys I have become intimate with.  I am an observer, an artist, rather than a scientist … I have been my own personal historian, making my journey inward through depths and deserts of my own becoming.

It has been a long journey, as finding ourselves always  is. The poetic work and the created image have been my therapist in exploring, understanding, and unraveling the Gordian knots of my own personality.  In this work, it is not the tangled knots and nubs of my deeper being, but the gentle and beautiful touch of the earth mistress- Anima Mundi- that is on display.

The natural world has been my love, my solace, my salvation since childhood.  In exploring the wonder and magic of nature, I am continually amazed.     I stand in awe, still.”

I have succumbed to the enticements of the desert’s beauty.

Roy Purcell

To pre-register ($15.00) please call the Sonoran Center 520-625-6100, Tuesday thru Thursday 10-2

Roy’s work touches the soul, as the two sources of creativity amplify the impact,  clarifying our individual journey.  We each have our own journey, yet there are similarities.  Roy’s writing brings a deeper meaning to the seemingly mundane.  Suddenly our lives too, are
rich, colorful, and beautiful, like a work of art!
Roy will share some of his 800+ pieces of art of the flora and fauna of the Sonoran and Mohave deserts, from butterflies to mammals, spiders to trees, flowers and birds, bringing the life of the desert to us. Roy will share through his readings how the desert has guided and sometimes challenged his being, how his journey has been changed again and again, when he listens to the ‘voice’.

Billy Choctaw100dpiRoy has wanted to share these portfolios with others for a long time.  However Roy is  busy, and focused on his art, which is what an artist/author does, especially one as prolific as Roy.  He creates art every single day.  He engages in THE INSIDE JOURNEY, each day.  Now the time has come to share some of these great moving works.

So, some friends of Roy,  put together these opportunities to experience the brilliant mind of The Journeyer, as we travel along with him, through history, through traditions, through realities, into the now. 

Each month through May will focus on a different subject as portrayed in that portfolio.(read the blog about the Gatherings for topics and dates)  Some include many many pieces of artwork with writings that grab your heart, as we journey with Roy, through the depths of life’s experiences. 

I highly encourage you to attend these Gatherings, especially the first one, where you will meet Roy, hear him read from THE WAYFARER, and share some of the etchings featured in this book.  His published books will be available also.  The first one is free.  Come and meet a new side of Roy. 

Recently someone asked Roy, what type of artwork do you create, what is your medium…..This was hard to answer, as Roy creates etchings, watercolors, acrylics, pen and ink drawings, covers for the portfolios, and in his words, “I use whatever the subject call for in that moment”


All events held at the Sonoran Center, East Amado, AZ (520) 625-6100 M-TH 10-2

A series of GATHERINGS…


With artist/author Roy Purcell


Saturday, February 18th, 2012, 10:30 – 12

Join Roy as he shares a variety of important

tribal experiences and the history behind…

  • the Power Animals
  • the Vision Quest
  • the Shaman’s Journey

Featuring Roy’s etchings, acrylics and commentary for an up-close experience with

 VOICES FROM THE DUST, Explore the natural world in which we live, Learn what influences have brought us here.

Pre-register by February 11th, 2012

by  sending a check for $15.00 to

CSL, POB 1598,Green Valley, AZ 85614

Or go online at  to the credit card page.

Mention the name of the event.


In East Amado


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